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Walk with Marion

Raising funds for Evesham's good causes!


There are two options for the route of your sponsored walk

The long route (red on the map) follows the Round Evesham Walk developed by Evesham Rambling Club. The only main difference is that we will be starting and finishing at Hampton Ferry (location 7 on the map) rather than the Almonry. Also, you might want to skip the diversion into the town centre and, instead, continue straight from Mill Street into Abbey Park.

The long route is about 5 miles, so please wear appropriate footwear. The riverside and battlefield paths on the northern half of the circuit (from the Rugby Club to Robins Corner) can get muddy if there has been rain recently, so be prepared for that.

The long route is not suitable for those with mobility difficulties (or buggies) as there are narrow gates, unsurfaced paths and some steps, and it requires you to cross roads without the benefit of drop kerbs.

The short route (blue on the map)  takes you up Boat Lane to the Almonry, and then through the churchyard to Abbey Park. From there, return to Hampton Ferry on the riverside paths alongside Crown Meadow and Corporation Meadow.

The short route is on hard surfaced paths throughout and usually doesn’t get too muddy. It also has no stiles, steps or narrow gates, and the only road crossing has drop kerbs, so it’s suitable for wheelchair users, baby buggies, etc.